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Carola and Sabrina Deutsch

Murals and Street Art

Product Design

DECASA - Art & Design in Graz / AT

"We are Carola and Sabrina. We have much more in common than the same last name. We love art and design. And life."

Carola & Sabrina Deutsch

DECASA, based in Graz (Austria), sees itself as a dynamic
sibling collective of designer Sabrina and artist Carola Deutsch.
With the distinctive style in her artwork and tattoos, Carola has already made an
international name for herself. And together with Sabrina they create
elaborate, individual product designs and large-format murals. This is how
over the last years our very own art form was born: "Living ART

Let us inspire you, let us "animate" you: We invite you into our
colorful world.