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Appointment reservation

Next appointment period by Carola Deutsch
in Graz / Austria: 
probably in Spring of 2022

We book our appointments two times a year (there is no waiting list). Spring 2022 you can send us your ideas and requests via the appointment form. (please scroll down)

Due to the high number of requests, we can´t fulfill every wish and need to make a choice. In this periode make our appointments till summer 2022.

To avoid misunderstanding, please read the following information about the tattoo appointment carefully:

  1. Appointment & unicum
    Each of Carola’s designs is drawn and tattooed once – so your artwork is unique. (You have to be at least 18 years of age!) This creative process requires sufficient time, therefore the available appointments are limited. To avoid confusion and misalignment in our schedule, your requests and ideas need to be submitted during the request period via our online form on this website. All our appointments are planned for a few month in advance. The timeslot for your requests will be published as soon as available on Facebook and on our website.
  2. Artistic freedom & individual choice of design
    We are specialized in individual tattoo art and realize each idea with focus on the detail in our own style. The love of art is our driving power to create special unique tattoos. Please do not be upset, if we cannot realize your idea, since there is not enough time to accept all requests.

    There will be no tattooing in the case of contraindications such as haemophilia, diabetes, hepatitides, HIV, skin diseases, eczema, allergies, congenital immune deficiency, immunosuppression of any kind, autoimmune diseases, epilepsy, haemodilution therapy, venereal diseases, feverish infections, medication, and pregnancy. 

  4. No cover-ups & tattoo extensions
    We want to allow our creativity full bent and develop our own style. This is why we do not work on already existing tattoos. 
  5. Your ideas and description
    To present your desired theme, please use our request form on this website to describe your idea – not too short, not too long (attachments are not compulsory – please use picture compression, for multiple pictures use compressed archives like .zip). Enter your personal information carefully to ensure that we are able to contact you.
  6. Pricing & Feedback
    Our prices are based on the motif, size, complexity, expenditure, body site, time, etc... Therefore no flat rates are possible! Before your tattoo appointment there will be a talk about every detail so there are no surprises for you!

Looking forward to your creative tattoo ideas! :-)

Carola & Sabrina 
(Tattooartist & Organisation)

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