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"This is a story about a man searching for the key to the treasure-trove of his dreams. A short film about dream worlds and the narrow line between fantasy and reality, between childish naivety and growing up rationally."

For our latest art-project "TRAVELINK" we went to Barcelona together with a film- and photo-crew at the end of August 2017. This marked the start to our new international art-series. It was a matter of the heart where we, as an artist collective, wanted to break new ground and open hidden doors.

This very first project was realized under the name "ENTER THE DREAM" in the gallery CAGE in the old centre of Barcelona. On four different levels Carola created various themes - from Dali to a sail boat. The individual wallpaintings, seen from a certain angle, fuse into one. In addition, a model was tattooed on site, whose design expands and completes the concept like a mosaic stone.


"As a child it makes sense to draw the moon closer with the lasso to have more light under the blanket for reading. Books about stories of adventurers and heroes, engulfed in one night. Moby Dick and the stormy times at sea. Who or what can dive deeper in thought, in dreams and fantasies, than in the infinity of the sea.Enter the dream.


Artist: Carola Deutsch, Model, Singer & Songwriter: Thomas Wohl - pushdelta, Support: Sabrina Deutsch und Michael Seeberger, Photos: Stella Kager, Film: Danijel Tomic, Music: Mario Rosenberger, Andreas Fennes, Florian Tiefenbacher - Whats that noise Studios, Location: Gallery CAGE Pavel Brown



Carola: „A story about dream worlds and the narrow line between fantasy and reality, between childish naivety and rational growing up."


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