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DECASA was founded in 2012 by us, Sabrina and Carola Deutsch, with the desire for self-realization and artistic freedom. As sisters, we are united not only by the same last name, but also by a flair for individuality and aesthetics. In 2022, DECASA Kreativstudio celebrates its 10th anniversary and can look back on countless successful projects in the field of art & design.

At the beginning of 2022, we launched the DECASA Art Collective, which is an association of the artists Carola Deutsch, Tamara Kolb and Marion Rauter. 

The resolution of the entire collective:
To bring color, joie de vivre and positive energies into the world together!

DECASA Kunst-Kollektiv

Sabrina Deutsch (Designerin) - Carola Deutsch (Künstlerin) - Tamara Kolb (Künstlerin) - Marion Rauter (Künstlerin)